Tom Power

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Listers Group Ltd

Development Manager

Race Details

Started racing in
Academy Championship

Date started racing
April 28, 2018

Favourite circuit
Isle of Man TT course!!

About Tom
I grew up on Isle of Man which has a motorbike or motor sport event every weekend. I was late to my first GCSE exam because I was watching TT races

Top race highlight
None yet

Accomplishments outside of racing
I met Nigel Mansell in 1990 and he called me a little Ayrton Senna. In 2000 played horn at Royal Albert Hall Brass Band Championship finals.

Wife Jo, Daughter Niamh 11, son William 8 who’s a ‘Lightning McQueen’ mega fan from the Cars films

What's the best thing about racing
I’m rubbish at all ball sports and I’ve been a motor racing fan all my life.

Cycling with my father. He’s 70 but thrashes me! For the second time will be doing the 100 mile ‘Ride London’ in July

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Tom Power Caterham