Michael Beale

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Multiple and Self

Business Finance Property

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Best race finish

Started racing in
Academy Championship

Date started racing
March 1, 2016

Favourite circuit
Oultan Park

About Michael
Originally from Brisbane, but live in Dublin the last 20 years with a stint in London as well.

Top race highlight
All the spins where I didn't hit anything and no one hit me. And qualifying at Donnington in the pissing rain.

Racing achievements
Getting a 6'5" 129kg beaten up old rugby body around each race and not being dead last.

Accomplishments outside of racing
2016 doing Paris to Sorento in an Academy car in 18 hours none stop with two other Academy racers, then on to Sicily to drive the Targa Florio.

A VERY understanding wife, Oonagh who is pretty sure I'm still 6 yo in my head, and two awesome daughters Lauren 9 and Ciara 13, who also think I'm 6.

What's the best thing about racing
Not getting speeding tickets

Combining cars, friends, good food and travel, skiing with the family and surfing when I get back to Oz.

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Michael Beale Caterham

Michael Beale