Hi @shamnasms please send your enquiry through to Let us know if you need anything else

By @caterhamcars March 24 10:03am

Our Caterham Gatwick team are getting into the #RedNoseDay spirit. Send us your Red Nose selfies!

By @caterhamcars March 24 9:25am

We are offering free Seven health checks & free geometry checks at our Easter Open Day, Find out more information…

By @caterhamcars March 23 9:52am

Caterham Cars Portugal created a short video using our Seven Sprint in memory of Chuck Berr who sadly passed away.

By @caterhamcars March 22 9:02am

Dan Trent at @PistonHeads has reviewed our Seven 310S - his experience brought back what is special about driving.

By @caterhamcars March 20 11:35am

Our team attended Exclusive Drive this weekend at Le Mans. Let us know if you came to visit us!

By @caterhamcars March 20 8:49am

@timmillwood that's great to hear! Please contact your nearest dealer to book yourself in for a test drive

By @caterhamcars March 17 9:13am

At Exclusive Drive this weekend, on the Maison Blanche circuit @Le_Tone Roadsport 275 will be available to drive with a professional driver.

By @caterhamcars March 15 3:59pm

@Askgoodwin @CARmagazine - harsh, but fair. The all new Assembly Guide is currently well underway. It's a revolution.

By @CaterhamMsport March 15 8:41am

We will be exhibiting at Exclusive Drive, Le Mans in France Friday 17th – Sunday 19th March. You can find us on Cir…

By @caterhamcars March 14 3:30pm

Congratulations to Caterham Deutschland who opened their new flagship showroom yesterday. They had a very successfu…

By @caterhamcars March 13 9:29am

Here is a selection of cars that are at our flagship Caterham Deutschland showroom. The opening will be this Sunda…

By @caterhamcars March 9 10:31am

Caterham Deutschland is moving premises to a new flagship showroom. The Seven 355 is on offer in the EU range…

By @caterhamcars March 8 5:12pm

Our new Portuguese dealer opened their doors to the public yesterday. If you're near Lisbon, make sure you pop in a…

By @caterhamcars March 8 9:47am

In the lead up to our flagship German dealers new showroom opening this Sunday, here’s a throwback of the #CSR 175…

By @caterhamcars March 7 2:17pm

On Tuesday 7th March, our Portuguese dealer is holding their official showroom opening in Lisbon. #CaterhamPortugal

By @caterhamcars March 3 12:46pm

@Shortbread We would drive 500 miles just to do a deal with you #comebackpun

By @caterhamcars February 23 1:30pm

@Shortbread We’d love to take you for a spin in our Walkers Seven - we just need some afternoon treats, hint hint...

By @caterhamcars February 23 12:09pm

@carmagazine will be become our 2017 Academy partners. What advice would you give Ben in his racing journey?…

By @caterhamcars February 21 3:24pm

We have an exciting job opportunity at Caterham Gatwick for a Dealer Support Administrator 12 month maternity cover

By @caterhamcars February 20 10:30am

Great to see @tonyfernandes at our Caterham Gatwick showroom today. Looks like he is a big fan of the Caterham Seve…

By @caterhamcars February 9 5:29pm

@Le_Tone attended @Festivalauto in Paris this weekend with his Seven 275 Roadsport. Good luck for the Roadsport season Le Tone!

By @caterhamcars February 6 3:51pm

We are dreaming of sunny weather & long windy roads to drive our Sevens. Have you got any road trips planned this y…

By @caterhamcars January 26 2:24pm

@adammorgan100 Of course! Book in for a test drive with us & we'll convince you its a great daily commuter!

By @caterhamcars January 20 1:14pm

@adammorgan100 @HenryCatchpole You'd be mad not to want to have a Caterham as your next car!

By @caterhamcars January 20 8:40am

Today is #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay. In celebration we want to hear any interesting stories you have about your Seven

By @caterhamcars January 19 1:56pm

Exciting news, the first Seven Sprints has gone into production, there will be further updates so keep your eyes pe…

By @caterhamcars January 18 2:05pm

@Shortbread Do you like our CEO's race car wrapped in MacDonald tartan. Fancy sponsoring him with a lifetime supply…

By @caterhamcars January 18 9:23am

2016 was a fantastic year for us, we have posted the highest sales figures in 20 years

By @caterhamcars January 18 8:30am

Want to be part of our team? We have a new opportunity at our Caterham Gatwick workshop -

By @caterhamcars January 17 3:37pm

@terrytibbs2280 Hello, Congratulation, you have won the Caterham AeroSeven canvas, can you please DM us for further details

By @caterhamcars January 16 3:55pm

Happy Monday! What did you get up to at the weekend with your Seven? #MondayMotivation

By @caterhamcars January 16 3:44pm

This Sunday on the French show Auto Moto we have an 8 minute section called 'La Saga Seven' on TF1 @ 10:10am (GMT+1)

By @caterhamcars January 13 8:34am

We have arrived at @Autosport. We are on the BRSCC stand for the weekend. Are you attending this weekend? Pop by an…

By @caterhamcars January 12 11:58am

Want to win a Caterham canvas? We have 3 to give away. Pick the one you'd prefer, tell us the reason why it could b…

By @caterhamcars January 11 3:11pm

We only recommend the best! #demontweeks

By @CaterhamMsport March 13 10:17am

Another driver from the Caterham R300-S Championship moving up to British GT #theystartedhere #proud #goodlucksean

By @CaterhamMsport March 13 10:14am

We can't wait for this weekend !

By @CaterhamMsport October 15 5:50pm

To celebrate 20years of Academy racing we have released rare and possibly unseen footage of the first ever race.

By @CaterhamMsport October 1 5:54pm

If you'd like to win a place in next years @CaterhamMsport Academy be sure to enter the @BOTB_Supercars competition

By @CaterhamMsport August 5 11:31am

@red26racing isn't it time for you to have a go in an R300 car? 😜 #topseries #comeon

By @CaterhamMsport August 3 3:18pm

@SchrothIndiSeat our media partner GQ is about to do his first sprint! #schroth #HANS #belts #readytogo #caterham

By @CaterhamMsport May 17 10:44am

Anyone wonder what we do? Read all about it & watch the races from @SnettertonMSV on @Channel4

By @CaterhamMsport May 15 4:11pm

Tell the boys they can't have lunch until they finish the @Showtrax walling... #looksawesome #hospitality #showtrax

By @CaterhamMsport May 14 4:05pm

How many Caterham engineers does it take to build the @Showtrax walling? 😂🙈#caterhammotorsport #showtrax #raceweekend

By @CaterhamMsport May 14 4:01pm

Allen spins and the battle for seventh continues! Head leading with Robinson catching, Wiggins is trying to keep up with the two leaders

By @CaterhamMsport May 10 4:19pm

6 cars battling it out for 7th place! #closeracing #nervous #awesomeracing #latebreaking

By @CaterhamMsport May 10 4:18pm