The Chassis everyone has been pining for

April 1, 2017
Written by Caterham

Following a tremendous amount of development by our engineering team, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Ash Wood Chassis.    

It is the latest innovation from a company that never stops branching out in pursuit of developing the sturdy Seven model and sprouts from the concept work of the recent ultra-lightweight Reynolds chassis. The new chassis will be part of the new Caterham Signature personalisation programme and has been launched as part of the Seven’s 60th anniversary celebrations.  

Made from only the finest 60-year old ash and carrying its own unique code carved into the chassis, customers will have twigged that the new product will add weight but we believe it will be more flexible in nature, giving even greater comfort on the road. 

The chassis will also be available in kit form, giving new meaning to the ‘flat pack build’ concept. 

Now that the Ash Chassis has been approved by the Board, we will be sticking the option on all order forms from October 2017, with prices subject to growing demand.  

Commenting on the ash chassis David Ridley, Chief Commercial Officer said “This really adds another string to our bow and whilst our heritage is rooted in the past, we are constantly looking to evolve our products. We think the wood chassis will offer a degree of flexibility and comfort not yet experienced in a Seven before now. We hope that as an idea it is a small acorn but one from which some great oaks can grow”.



I would be very interested in the possibility of ordering a chassis made from balsa-wood rather than from ash in order to benefit from the potentially massive weight saving. However, I would be extremely interested to see a full stress analysis using CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) before making any final commitment. Henry

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