CAR Magazine announced as media partner for 2017 season

February 15, 2017
Written by Caterham

We are excited to announce this year's media partner will be the renowned automotive title, CAR magazine. 

CAR magazine, founded in 1962, will be thrust into the world of motorsport once again, with one of its writers – features editor Ben Miller – taking his first steps in racing with the ever-popular Academy Championship.  

Miller will build his Academy race car ahead of the 2017 season, before commencing the season as part of the Green Group. 

Throughout 2017, CAR will report on his experience; from bolting the car together to understanding what works well on a grid start. We’ll watch Miller’s Academy experience online at, on social media (search Facebook for CAR Magazine) and in the monthly magazine. 

Ben said, “This opportunity is the stuff of dreams. Building a Caterham has long been on my bucket list, and the chance to combine doing so with a first stab at motorsport was too good to refuse. I’ve driven two Caterhams thus far, a 160 and a 620R, and loved them both for very different reasons. Now, the idea of taking to the track in a car I’ve put together myself is as exciting as it is terrifying.’ 

Join us in welcoming Ben to the 2017 Caterham Academy family!  



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