The best driving roads in #scotland but nothing beats driving them in a Seven. If you haven't yet got your own Caterham then why not contact Open Road Hire Ltd or Highland Caterham Hire and hire a Seven fo

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"The power of the 620 R is awesome – I can’t believe you can drive this car on the road!" Kamui Kobayashi For more information on the Seven 620 R visit

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"The power of the 620 R is awesome â I canât believe you can drive this car on the road!" @kamui_kobayashi

By @caterhamcars April 23 4:02pm

@ST_Driving are going racing in the Tracksport championship. Check out their introduction to Caterham motorsport

By @caterhamcars April 22 1:17pm

Well now you can! The #Seven620R is now available in @realracing 3. Available for your mobile devices

By @caterhamcars April 17 2:27pm

Want to have a go in a Seven 620 R for free?

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Want to have a go in a #Seven620R for free?

By @caterhamcars April 17 1:49pm

When the weather is like it is in Crawley today, all we want to do is take a Seven 620 R out for a blast...

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First of five days at circuits for the Motorsport team. Today: @CastleCombeUK with the #caterhamacademy

By @CaterhamMsport April 16 6:59am

@escthecity thank you! Get applying people! #JoinTheDreamTeam

By @caterhamcars April 10 2:18pm

Lunchtime! Why not have a flick through our latest 'In the press' overview including coverage of Kamui Kobayashi (Official) 's first experience of a Seven.

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Great day for a meeting at the F1 team - we vote for staying out here on the balcony...

By @CaterhamMsport April 10 10:02am

@Grosvenor_House thanks for the tour yesterday. What a place!

By @caterhamcars April 9 10:07am

Wishing all of our owners a fantastic weekend on the Isle of Wight for WightBlat. We are looking forward to seeing the photos!

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@drapertools @CaterhamMsport @CaterhamF1 Nice work chaps, the #Academy car looks fab!

By @caterhamcars April 4 5:40pm

Number 5 in the series of videos from Autoglym on how to keep your Caterham in tip top condition. This video focuses on the wheels and suspension, have a great weekend!

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I know our drivers are racing, but you'll forgive us if the driver we cheer on most this weekend is Schuey.

By @CaterhamMsport April 4 1:40pm

We're excited to announce our entry into Colombia, with a new exclusive dealer in the Colombian capital of Bogota. Read all about it here!

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Time for a tea break! Make sure that you pick up a copy of Top Gear magazine from your corner shop to find out how they got on with the build of their Seven 160 and its first trip out on circuit with Cat

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@bt_uk thanks for the review! Great start to the week!

By @caterhamcars March 31 12:02pm

Splendid review of the Seven 160 from @bt_uk thanks guys #Motoring #Caterham #MondayMotivation

By @caterhamcars March 31 11:57am

We have a Marketing Manager role available. Click the link for more information #JoinTheDreamTeam

By @caterhamcars March 28 11:07am

@drapertools loving the matt black body on your car guys!

By @caterhamcars March 27 12:46pm

We have the second update from Matt Bird of PistonHeads on his season in the Caterham Academy. This time he covers the handling day

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â@JoeIrishF1: Looks great! Want to see the whole thing...â;

By @CaterhamMsport March 23 8:34am

@CaterhamGP2 @AlexanderRossi @RHaryantoracing fantastic effort guys! Really looking forward to the start of the season

By @caterhamcars March 21 1:57pm

The latest video detailing how to keep your Caterham at its sparkling best from Autoglym is here just in time for the weekend. This edition demonstrates how to best polish a bare aluminium Caterham.

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@FredGabillon take care of our baby!

By @caterhamcars March 21 9:23am

The amazingly talented Kester McQueen is at it again. This time with a Lego SP/300.R!

By @caterhamcars March 19 3:03pm

The amazingly talented Kester McQueen is at it again. This time with a Lego SP/300.R!

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Caterham will extend its partnership with the Forces’ motorsport charity, Mission Motorsport, to its grassroots Caterham Academy Championship this year. For more information, please click below.

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I think it's safe to say @CaterhamF1 driver @kamui_kobayashi is a fan of the #Seven620R

By @caterhamcars March 18 4:34pm

I think it's safe to say Caterham F1 Team driver Kamui Kobayashi (Official) is a fan of the Seven 620 R

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Matt Bird is competing in the 2014 Academy Championship and posting updates on @PistonHeads. Check out his first post

By @caterhamcars March 18 9:42am

@PistonHeads journo and @Caterham #Academy driver, Matt Bird, picks up his new Caterham...

By @CaterhamMsport March 18 9:22am

Learn how to clean, polish & protect the bodywork of your Caterham with this video from @autoglym

By @caterhamcars March 17 4:30pm

Learn how to clean, polish & protect the bodywork of your Caterham with this video from Autoglym.

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Pour ceux qui n'etaient pas devant AutoMoto hier sur TF1, essai de la Seven 165 ;)!!

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It's finally time! The first Grand Prix of the season is here. Good luck @CaterhamF1

By @caterhamcars March 16 6:07am

Great evening at the Stancombe team Christmas-ish party - thanks for the invite guys!

By @CaterhamMsport March 16 12:42am

Check out some pictures of Kamui Kobayashi (Official)'s day with the Seven 620 R

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Here is the footage you have all been waiting for! See what happened when Kamui Kobayashi (Official) got his hands on the Seven 620 R

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@MrDerekBell - and 50 years on the Seven is still racing too! Britain's most successful family of one make series. Fancy another go?

By @CaterhamMsport March 13 9:53pm

Mar 13, 2014

Kamui Kobayashi – Seven 620 R

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Time for the #Caterham Academy Set-up morning at our Dartford factory...

By @CaterhamMsport March 1 8:09am

Feb 21, 2014

Caterham Superlight 120 (EU5)

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Another great day at Castle Combe and 100% pass rate for this year's #Caterham #Academy - well done Group 2!

By @CaterhamMsport February 19 9:40pm

Heading to Castle Combe for the second #Caterham Academy ARDS day of 2014. Group 1 passed with flying colours last week - your turn Gp2!

By @CaterhamMsport February 18 6:17pm

Jan 22, 2014

Caterham Seven 160 & Seven 165

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Early January means just one thing: It's time for the @Autosport_Show. Come and see us on stand 2540 in hall 20!

By @CaterhamMsport January 9 6:02am

Congratulations @Mattparryracing on winning the Autosport Young Driver of the Year! Look forward to you guesting in a Caterham race!

By @CaterhamMsport December 1 11:47pm

Brilliant - the first GP2 win for @MyCaterhamGP2 and @AlexanderRossi - well done team!

By @CaterhamMsport November 2 9:19am

Wow, go @AlexanderRossi go - there's never been a better chance... @MyCaterhamGP2

By @CaterhamMsport November 2 9:00am

Oct 2, 2013

Caterham AeroSeven Concept Launch

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Sep 20, 2013

Caterham AeroSeven Concept

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Jul 15, 2013

Seven 620 R

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Jul 15, 2013

Goodwood FOS 2013

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Feb 20, 2013

Caterham Kart

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Nov 9, 2012

Caterham Supersport R

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Oct 4, 2012

Superlight R600 series

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Aug 2, 2012

Caterham Lifestyle

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Jun 12, 2012

Caterham Carnival - June 2012

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May 25, 2012

Caterham Heritage

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Feb 15, 2012

Autosport International 2012

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