Caterham Drift Champion Experience BECOME CATERHAM’S DRIFT CHAMPION Get set for a tyre-smoking, wheel-spinning, sideways-driving day you will love, with Caterham’s Drift Champion challenge - made up o

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Caterham Circuit event THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR RACE CAR AT THE HOME OF THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX Caterham’s Circuit Driver experience puts you behind the wheel of our race-prepared cars to enjoy the thri

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@SchrothIndiSeat our media partner GQ is about to do his first sprint! #schroth #HANS #belts #readytogo #caterham

By @CaterhamMsport May 17 10:44am

Anyone wonder what we do? Read all about it & watch the races from @SnettertonMSV on @Channel4

By @CaterhamMsport May 15 4:11pm

There are only 900 more votes needed for the Caterham Seven LEGO Ideas. If you fancy building and owning your very own LEGO Caterham Seven, then please register your vote on this link and bring this wonder

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Be sure to familiarise yourself with the @DVLAgovuk changes to the UK driving licence #happymotoring #drivinglicence

By @caterhamcars May 12 1:28pm

@itsadamricker Great goal!

By @caterhamcars May 12 1:25pm

For those of you who are not yet aware, the DVLA is making changes to the UK driving licence and as of the 8th June 2015, the paper counter part will no longer be valid and penalty points will be recorded

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Are you looking for a new challenge? Well we're looking for a Technical Buyer to join our purchasing team at Dartford. Be sure to share this with family and friends who might be interested. #sharingiscar

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So how was your weekend? Did you get up to anything that you'd like to share?

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Allen spins and the battle for seventh continues! Head leading with Robinson catching, Wiggins is trying to keep up with the two leaders

By @CaterhamMsport May 10 4:19pm

6 cars battling it out for 7th place! #closeracing #nervous #awesomeracing #latebreaking

By @CaterhamMsport May 10 4:18pm

Our Motorsport family is expanding and we are delighted to announce that we now have our first standalone Caterham Motorsport series in Malaysia.

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Whatever colour you vote for today, we've the Caterham for you #GE2015 #ivoted #votingmatters #votingday #ElectionDay

By @caterhamcars May 7 2:31pm

Whatever colour you're voting for today, we've got a Caterham for you. Which one do you think would look best parked outside number 10? #GE2015 #ivoted #votingmatters #votingday

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The day has come to announce @BritishGQ as the official media partner for the 2015 Caterham Academy! #motorsport #GQ

By @CaterhamMsport May 7 9:37am

We're delighted to announce that @BritishGQ are our official media partner for the 2015 Caterham Academy #motorsport

By @caterhamcars May 7 9:19am

We're pleased to announce that our @CaterhamMsport family has expanded into Malaysia #Motorsport #Caterham #Racing

By @caterhamcars May 6 11:17am

We've got a brand new model for our international markets too. Introducing the Seven 275!

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May 6, 2015

Caterham Superlight R500

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Just in time for summer! Have you seen our new range of t-shirts available for sale through our online store?

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@torqueman Its been fantastic to see all the drivers progress up the Motorsport ladder. We've loved every minute of it!

By @caterhamcars April 24 3:56pm

@emilyjcrowder Never a bad thing. We'll take good care of your car. Have a great weekend!

By @caterhamcars April 24 3:46pm

Have you got plans for Wednesday 29th April? Why not get out in the sunshine and learn the art of drifting in a Caterham Seven. Last few places are remaining, so don't wait around book now #youknowyouwant

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Happy St George's day everyone. For all our English (and British) fans our there, tell us what makes you proud to be English #StGeorgesDay

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Students from KL automotive technical college learning about geo from UK Caterham development engineer, Dan.

By @CaterhamMsport April 23 4:55am

Snetterton last weekend, Sepang all this week and weekend; plus Aintree for the Academy this weekend too. Busy!

By @CaterhamMsport April 21 6:31am

Was it really two weeks ago? If you weren't able to make it along to the official opening of our new showroom, then why not take a look at some of the photos from the event

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Apr 20, 2015

Caterham South - Official showroom opening

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Have you been taking advantage of the sunny weather and driving your Seven to work this past week? We drove the new 270S to Silverstone for a hard days work. Here are our snaps, do share yours with us

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@_Boffers @NicolaMcK we look forward to seeing him in a few years on one of our experience days

By @caterhamcars April 15 1:58pm

We're at @silverstonecircuit for the #silverstoneclassic25 media day with lots of #happycustomers experiencing #donuts in our fantastic little cars #sidewaysandsmiling #driftastic #caterham @caterhamexperi

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By @caterhamcars April 15 1:00pm

#HappyMonday everyone! What did you get up to over the weekend?

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#FunFactFriday The @lotussevenclub #WightBlat is in it's 9th year. We'd like to wish all of our owners a fantastic weekend on the @VisitIOW

By @caterhamcars April 10 11:09am

@MarksWalker @Ariel_Atom3 Sounds like a brilliant weekend!

By @caterhamcars April 10 10:57am

#Funfactfriday did you know that WightBlat is now in it's 9th year! We'd like to wish all of our owners a fantastic weekend on the Isle of Wight. Be sure to share some of your WightBlat memories with us

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Something for you all to enjoy on this sunny afternoon, courtesy of our chums over at enjoy!

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For those of you who didn't make it along to the official opening event yesterday, here is a snapshot of what went on. More images to follow...

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@Bricktrix_Carl @GA_Macdonald Thanks for coming along Carl, it was great to see all the cars #lego

By @caterhamcars April 7 8:50am

@Themobilecoffee @Tweet2London Thanks for all your help guys. Splendid coffee #takeabreak now until next time

By @caterhamcars April 7 8:49am

Mar 31, 2015

Seven 420

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Mar 31, 2015

Seven 360

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@ddemerie Hope they are ok.

By @caterhamcars March 30 4:29pm

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By @caterhamcars March 30 3:48pm

Oct 8, 2014

Caterham Experience

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Jun 2, 2014

Caterham CSR 175

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