The Superlight R300-S Championship is the pinnacle of Caterham Seven Motorsport and our flagship series. It delivers more power, more speed and more competition.

Eligible Cars & DRIVERS

Eligible cars:

2009 onwards Caterham Superlight R300-S race cars (with updates)


Eligible drivers:

Drivers registered for, and competing in, the complete 2014 championship

Drivers with new cars bought specifically for the 2015 season (sales capped)

All other drivers (no restrictions)

Championship at a glace

Number of rounds: 14
Race weekends: 7
Race duration: 30 minutes
2014 Champion: Aaron Head
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Launched in 2009, the R300-S provided a stepping stone between the then Roadsport-A category and the R400. However, the R300-S proved to be such an easy and rewarding car to drive, that the lap times came close to that of its much more powerful stablemate and it quickly became the premier Caterham series. The philosophy behind the R300-S is to provide a step in performance without making it necessary to have team support. The suspension on the car has fixed rate springs and dampers, like a Roadsport, reducing the need for testing and simplifying car set-up – both of which help ensure the level playing field of competition. However, professional support is prevalent in R300-S’s and it’s great to see the teams in the Caterham paddock promoting our championships.

In line with the increased level of performance of both the car and the drivers, team support is allowed (but not mandatory) in the Caterham Superlight Championship. Please visit our motorsport teams page to see details of the offically recognised Caterham Motorsport teams.

2016 leaderboard

Aaron Head (303 pts)
Lee Wiggins (268 pts)
Jack Sales (254 pts)
Stephen Nuttall (224 pts)
Clive Richards (204 pts)


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SUPERLIGHT R300 Price & options list

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