seven 270R Championship Past Winners

The hallowed Caterham Seven 270R Championship Hall of Fame celebrates the few who have had the talent and speed to earn their place in Caterham Motorsport history with overall championship glory.

2016 Anthony Barnes Caterham Tracksport
2015 Tim Dickens Caterham Tracksport
2014 Stephen Nuttall Caterham Tracksport
2013 Michael Gazda Caterham Tracksport
2012 David Robinson Caterham Tracksport
2011 Reece Somerfield Supersport 125bhp

James MacLachlan

Jamie OrtonĀ 

Supersport 125bhp


2009 Rapheal Fiorentino Roadsport-A
2008 Phil Broad Roadsport-A
2007 Jeremy Ellis Roadsport-A
2006 Gary Halcrow Roadsport-A
2005 Guy Harrington Roadsport-Inter


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