The Roadsport Championship is the next rung on the ladder for drivers who have enjoyed their first season of motorsport in the Caterham Academy Championship.


Eligible Cars & DRIVERS

2016 Caterham Academy (with Roadsport Championship upgrade)


Eligible drivers:

2016 Academy competitors

Novice drivers at Caterham’s discretion

Championship at a glance

Number of rounds: 14
Race weekends: 7
Race duration: 20 minutes
2016 Champion: Russ Olivant

Selected coverage on Channel 4



Originally introduced as Roadsport-B in 2002, the Roadsport Championship is the next rung up the ladder from the introductory season in the Caterham Academy Championship. This championship is so popular that entry is limited solely to just the previous year’s Academy drivers and in some cases ‘invited’ novice drivers. This ensures that the level playing field the drivers enjoyed in the Academy are continued for another year, and any rivalries for racing glory can continue for another season! The other advantage of the Roadsport Championship is that it utilises the same car driven in the Academy, albeit with some minor upgrades to extract some additional performance from the car to complement the driver's developing skills. 

Team support is not allowed in the Caterham Roadsport Championship and therefore, like in the Academy, central technical support from Caterham is mandatory.


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