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The Superlight R500 represents the ultimate expression of Colin Chapman's fundamentals

Stripped to the bare essentials, all unnecessary comforts are removed to save weight and reduce mass. As with the other Caterham 7 Superlight models, the result is a car with performance to take your breath away by delivering driving thrills in the purest form. However, the R500 takes these values and triple distills them into super refined Class A, 101 octane, artillery caliber, weapons grade driving thrills.

Whilst the Superlight R500 shares some common parts with the other Superlight model, it has many bespoke standard and optional items that define its intentions of being the ultimate performance model in our range. Weight savings are achieved through a philanthropic application of carbon-fibre goodies, bringing the total weight of the car in at just 506kgs. Extreme performance is attained through cramming the engine bay with as many horses as possible - 263 of them to be precise. Mathematicians amongst you will have already calculated that anyone committed enough to strap themselves into the Kevlar race seats will be deploying a mighty 520 bhp-per-tonne with their right foot, capable of firing the car from 0-60 mph in just 2.88 seconds.

The R500 incorporates the motorsport expertise of Caterham Engineering, gained through 20 years of its industry leading one-make race championships. The Caterham Seven is among the most raced car models in the world, with over 700 competitors across 11 countries. Everything Caterham has learnt about performance and safety is incorporated into the design of the Superlight. Indeed, the R500's optional sequential gearbox has been tested thoroughly through our motorsport programme, clocking up track time equivalent to over a full season's worth of testing, practicing, qualifying and racing in just a few months. What's more, in another first for Caterham, we utilised the experience of over 50 racing drivers from various Caterham race series' to test the gearbox. In all of this testing, the gearbox did not experience a single failure and was unanimously well received.

If you want a pure driver's car that delivers blistering on-road performance, raw driving thrills and outrageous track-day ability in equal measure then the Superlight R500 is for you.

The Superlight R500 is available as a factory built car only, hand-built by our skilled team at our factory in Dartford, Kent.


  • Track orientated specification for extreme performance
  • Limited slip differential and race inspired suspension
  • Optional 6 speed sequential gearbox
0-60 MPH


2.0 litre Ford Duratec
Limited slip differential
6 Speed gearbox
De-Dion rear suspension
Wide-track front wishbones
High performance dampers
Ventilated front brake discs + quad piston calipers
Powder coated interior
Carbon fibre front wings 
Carbon fibre rear wings
Carbon fibre nose cone
Carbon fibre dashboard with bespoke switch gear
STACK digital dashboard
Alloy wheels with AVON CR500 tyres
4 point race harness
Carbon fibre seats
Push button start
Sequential shift light
Carbon aero screen
Black pack
Momo Q/R steering wheel

Lowered floors (driver and passenger)
6-speed sequential gearbox
Full weather gear
Leather adjustable seats
Carbon fibre track day airbox
Track day roll bar
Battery Master Switch
Race 4 point harnesses
Avon ZZR trackday wheel and tyre package
Large diameter trackday silencer
Interim catalyst bypass pipe

Caterham Seven Superlight R500
Engine: 2.0 litre Ford Duratec
Max Power (bhp/rpm): 263 @ 8500rpm
Max Torque (lbs ft/rpm): 177 @ 7200rpm
Weight: 530kg
0-60mph: 2.88 seconds
Power-to-weight: 520bhp-per-tonne
Top speed: 148mph


Caterham Yellow
Caterham Blue
Caterham Green
Caterham Orange
Caterham Black
Caterham Red

As standard all Caterhams are supplied unpainted in aluminium finish with coloured fibre glass wings and nose. For an additional fee your Caterham can be painted in one of our standard finishes or request in any colour you wish.

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Vehicles shown may include optional extras that are not included in the standard specification.

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