Caterham’s special-edition Seven, created in partnership with Harrods, signals the launch of Caterham’s first ever formalised personalisation service – Caterham Signature.

Harrods was always going to be the perfect partner for Caterham with whom to launch the Signature programme and, when the time came to unveil the initiative, the relationship came into being naturally and with great  enthusiasm on both sides.

Both brands are proudly British and feature a heritage richer than any of their competitors; both operate in the luxury arena and both are equally renowned on the global stage.

Customers of both Caterham and Harrods are huge advocates of the two brands because they enjoy the finer things in life; you don’t buy a Caterham Seven because you need one, you buy it because you want one.

Similarly, if you want the finest in fashion, beauty, shoes and perfume, you go to Harrods. Why? Because they have the best.

With the only question mark seemingly ‘how has this partnership not existed before’, the launch of Caterham Signature has brought together two icons of British industry and resulted in the ultimate personalised, luxury Caterham Seven – the Harrods Seven.



When it came to demonstrating that extra touch of indulgence that Caterham Signature now offers its customers, who better to tailor the legendary Seven than the design team at the famous department store.

Harrods has been the natural partner to delve into the Caterham Signature box of tricks and concoct the very first Signature-inspired Seven, with the distinctive Harrods green and gold adorning the Caterham’s instantly?recognisable bodywork. Other touches of understated class include the Harrods ‘H’ emblazoned on the gear knob and Caterham’s first ever gold-coated chassis.

While Caterham’s hand-built nature has always lent the brand’s cars an element of bespoke exclusivity, the range of options now available to customers is almost limitless.

From having your name embroidered on the upholstery to a selection of Caterham’s famously wild paint colours, the world is your open-topped, two-seated lobster.



 *Some customisation options on the Harrods Seven are bespoke and not currently available as part of Caterham Signature programme.




  • custom chassis colour
  • Seven 620 nosecone
  • additional paint options (headlight bowls, pedal box cover & cam cover)
  • a range of leathers, alcantara, custom paint and carbon fibre detailing to interior
  • leather covered rollover bar
  • Leather tunnel top, gearbox and handbrake gaiters
  • bespoke embroidery & logo embossing
  • Seven 620 style dashboard (Duratec models only)

Vehicles shown may include optional extras that are not included in the standard specification.


Download the interactive brochure to find out more about the Caterham Signature personalisation programme.